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Artists’ Roundtable

Looking for Manifestoes


15th April 2021 | 19.00 (Spanish time)

On Zoom and on the Institute of the Arts social media


Content: The Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB) is very pleased to invite students, colleagues, and interested people to the event “Looking for Manifestoes”. The purpose of the event is to give a direct voice to guest international artists who want to share openly their vision in the fields of performing arts, theatre, dance, performance, visual arts, and literature. Thought as an open debate on one of the most relevant topics in nowadays artistic environment and industry, the event is also an opportunity for a Q&A session with audience in Zoom and on social media and for interaction with international artists.


Moderators: Alessandra Troncone (Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and Artistic Co-Director at Underneath the Arches) and Armando Rotondi (Institute of the Arts Barcelona and Co-director of Mise en Abyme).


Organised by the Institute of the Arts Barcelona together with Mise en Abyme – International Journal of Comparative Literature and Arts, Underneath the Arches, IDEA publishing.

As a part of the IAB Webinar series on “Digital (Emergency and Performance)”.

On the occasion of the publication of the volume: Troncone A. ed. (2020), Looking for Manifestoes, Mise en Abyme. International Journal of Comparative Literature and Arts, Vol. VII, Issue 2, 2020, ISBN: 9791280081018.


Registration to the event (free): 


Participation to the event is free with previous registration via Stack form for Zoom participants. Once registered, you will receive a notification with the Zoom invitation to the event.


Note for Zoom audience: only moderators and guest artists will have video and microphone on; Zoom audience will have video and mic deactivated, having the possibility to ask questions via chat. Questions will be collected by the moderators.

Confirmed guests (update 5th April 2021)










Alessandra Troncone (Italy) – Art curator

Alessandra Troncone is an art historian, curator and a Ph.D. in History of Art. Since 2013, she has been a member of the Research Department of the Madre Museum in Naples. In 2015/16, she participated in the Curatorial Programme at de Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam. She is currently a Professor of History of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and an Artistic Co-Director of the program for contemporary art Underneath the Arches at the archaeological site of Acquedotto Augusteo del Serino. In 2019, she co-curated the 12th Kaunas Biennale, titled After Leaving | Before Arriving. She is a member of IKT – International Association of Curators of Contemporary Arts.


Joséphine A. Garibaldi / Paul Zmolek (USA) – Directors, Performers, Artistic Directors at Callous Physical Theatre

Making work together as Callous Physical Theatre, Joséphine A. Garibaldi and Paul Zmolek are guided by the slogan, “We go where the work takes us”. Dedicated to fostering collaborations across communities and disciplines through a dialogic practice of art-making, research and pedagogy, CPT is a collaborative, project-based endeavour. From environmental and performance installations, movement and text based visual poetry, Garibaldi and Zmolek have devised original performance, installation and digital works nationally and internationally together for three decades.  Their work has been supported by grants and awards from the Fulbright organization and foundations based in Australia, Latvia, Finland, Portugal, Italy, and across the United States. Garibaldi is on faculty at Florida State University School of Dance; Zmolek teaches at an autism-inclusive academy for the arts. 



Tzarini Meyler (Ireland) – Playwright, Performer, Director, Artistic Director at LipZinc Theatre

Tzarini Meyler is a playwright, performer and director. Raised in West Cork, she moved to Dublin for her degree in English and Drama at UCD where she became an active member of Dramsoc. She then trained at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona under Kate Firth, Aiden Condron, Drew Mulligan and Armando Rotondi. Writing/Directing credits include: Hamlet, UCD Astra Hall; Venus by Candlelight, El Gin Tub, Barcelona; Corn Flake Girl, Institute of the Arts Barcelona; A Hero of Our Time, Institute of the Arts Barcelona; Dolly, Edinburgh Fringe; Mad Cats and Divas, Galway Fringe; Sugar Mice, Scene and Heard; Daddy was a Boogie Man, Galway Fringe.

LipZinc Theatre Company was conceived through a need to make work that is truthful to the artist and vital to the audience. ‘Lip’ meaning the opening of the mouth, where words and feelings escape and let loose; ‘Zinc’ meaning the essential element to the body that we cannot live without. Founded in 2016 by Tzarini Meyler the company puts the unheard characters of this world centre stage, to tell the tales untold. Whilst beginning with a script we change and move with the flow of the performers, physicality being a major aspect of our work. Our shows are visually engaging – juxtaposing glamour with grime, rural with industrial and past with present. Working with visual and sound artists, our shows are a sensory experience. Life is never only one thing – we want our shows to find the sadness in beauty, and the joy in disorder.  LipZinc was born kicking and screaming and she’s here to stay.



Abraham Benson-Goldberg (Israel/USA) – Director, Educator, Performer, Artistic Director at The Wirelings

Abraham Benson-Goldberg is a director, educator and general theatrical nuisance based outside of Tel Aviv, Israel. His artistic foci are site-specific/responsive processes (even when he’s producing inside of a traditional theatrical space), queering the classical canon, and non-conventional TYA. He is the founder and producing artistic director of The Wirelings, a digitally native theater ensemble born out of the writing of this manifesto.


Adrian Melis (Cuba) – Visual Artist

Adrian Melis graduated from the University of Art in Havana, Cuba. He is a former resident at the Rijksakademie of Amsterdam (2014/2015). Selected solo shows include: 2768. 23,53. 8. 1958. 57%. 1000, Pori Art Museum (2020), Selective Memory, Adn Galeria, Barcelona (2018); Absolute silence does not exist, Fundación Cerezales, León (2018); Surplus Production Line, Adn Galeria, Barcelona (2015); STOCK, MAS – Museum of Modern Art, Santander (2013); New Production Structures, Adn Galeria, Barcelona (2012) which received the GAC Award for Best Exhibition in a Private Gallery in Barcelona; The Value of Absence, Kunsthalle Basel (2013). Selected group shows: After Leaving | Before Arriving, 12th Kaunas Biennale (2019); Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2015); Bread and Roses, Museum of Modern Art of Warsaw (2015); Atopolis, Manège de Sury and WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Mons (2014); How to Work, Kunsthalle Basel (2012); FGAP, Pinchuk Art Center, Kiev (2014); Untitled (Two Takes on Crisis), de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam (2016); Artlab, Queens Museum of Art, New York (2014); 10th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai (2014). His works are in private and public collections, including: MAS – Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Santander y Cantabria (Spain), MACBA - Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Spain), Collection Alain Servais (Belgium), Collection Lemaître (France), Collection A. de Galbert (France), Collection Teixeiras da Freitas (Portugal).


Cristian Izzo (Italy) – Actor, Director, Playwright, Artistic Director

Cristian Izzo is an actor, performer, director and playwright. He trained with prominent performers such as Dan Victor, Paolo Ferrari, Valeria Valeri, Paolo Poli, and worked with directors such as Armando Pugliese, Enzo Moscato, Davide Iodice, Gianfelice Imparato, and other. In March 2016 the “International Academy of Music and Performing Arts” in Brno (Czech Republic) produced his play “Pornocinella”, a contemporary re-interpretation of Commedia dell’Arte Mask of Pulcinella. In 2017 he led a series of advanced workshop at the Ramppikuume Festival (Finland) and he presented his theatrical research “The Body, the Space, the Sound: The Whole” at SAMK (University of Applied Arts). In the same year, he started to work with Teatrul Skepsis (Romania) and he presented there his work “A God’s Rise and Fallen”, that he also presented at Vratsa Festival (Bulgaria). He also performed “About the impossibility to say that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” at Espace Charles Trénet (Opera Theatre) within Shakespeare Festival (France). In 2018, his “On the half-divine or against Father’s Will (Achilles)” opened the Apollo International Theatre Festival at Museum Principia of Roman Heritage (Romania). At the same festival he directed a workshop on the mask, with actors of all over the world. The same paly was also performed at at "Vreme International Theatre Festival", in Vratsa, Bulgaria and at Solo Plays Festival (EFFE Festival) in Kiev, Ukraine, where also had a workshop on Commedia dell’Arte. In 2019, he presented a unique performance about the philosopher Giordano Bruno “De l’eroico furore di colui che arde” at Apollo Theatre Festival in Romania in collaboration with the visual artist Stefan Balog. In 2020, he was awarded as Best Actor and Best Solo Performance at Rhodes International Theatre Festival for his performance in "Achilles", and he received the "Nuove Sensibilità 2.0" grant, delivered by Teatro Pubblico Campano for his script "l'AntiVergine".


Lyudmyla Honcarova / Ela Castillo (Ukraine/Sri Lanka/USA) – Directors, Performers, Writers, Univeristi of Performing Arts in Colmbo 

Lyudmyla Honcharova is a performer and a theatre-maker from Ukraine that works internationally and in different styles and genres. In her works, she strives to break boundaries and explores new forms and means of theatre expressiveness. She works and research at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Ela Castillo is an actor and screenwriter from the Dominican Republic and the United States of America. Ela attended over 10 schools in the U.S. alone, received an MA internationally, and served in the U.S. Air Force for 6 years. Her exposure to a variety of peoples and cultures led her to develop a strong belief in a common driving force within all people that she believes is often oppressed by societal expectations. While studying internationally, Ela developed a piece titled, Confessions of Dangerous Mind in which Lyudmyla Honcharova was a performer. The piece explored the self and human interactions. Since then, Ela and Lyudmyla have sought to free the self, the artist, and connect to that which truly matters.

Francesca Grilli (Italy) – Visual artist and performing arts

Francesca Grilli is an Italian artist currently based in Brussels. Her research vibrates in two fields: visual art and performing art. She uses a multidisciplinary language where the performance flows between visual art venues and performing art festivals, with a special attention to sound in all its forms and registers. Grilli has developed several projects around the concept of the resistant body. In the earlier performative projects the body was engaged as a reflection of the resistance to life, to time, to decline, in spite of everything and for everything. In these last works, the resistant body gives in to or struggles against the concept of being consumed. Present in every artwork is in fact a disappearance, which is the result of an action contained in the work itself. Her work has been exhibited in many international venues such as Kaunas Biennal (2019), Palais De Tokyo (2017), Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (2015-2017), MAXXI Museum in Rome (2016), viceversa - Italian Pavillon at 55th Biennale di Venezia (2013), MADRE Museo d'arte contemporanea Donnaregina in Naples (2012), Serpentine Gallery, London (2010) and Manifesta7 in Bolzano (2008). She has also participated in numerous Performative Venues including: Buda / Kortrijk (2021), SAAL Biennal (2019), Balticcircle (2019), Santarcangelo Festival (2017- 2019), Kunsthalle Osnabrueck, Germany (2017), Serralves Foundation, PT (2017), Homo Novus Festival in Riga (2016), Drodesera Festival (2006/2017), Romaeuropa Festival (2011), Rencontres chorégraphiques in Paris (2010). Francesca Grilli was an Associated Artist of Santarcangelo Festival 2017-2019.


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