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Artists Conversation Series 

Art and Culture after the Pandemic:

A Presentation of the

Lacuna Festivals 2022


27 May 2022 | 20.00 (Rome Time)

Streamed on the FB pages of Mise en Abyme, IDEA and Ad Est del Mondo, and on Mise en Abyme Youtube channel.

Event in English.

Conversation with Sarah-Jane Mason, Artistic Co-Director of the Lacuna Festivals (Spain), on the occasion of the Lacuna Festivals 2022, that will start in July. Theme of this year is "Clash". The conversation will be with Armando Rotondi (Co-director of Mise en Abyme and Associate Professor at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona) and it will focus on art and festival in this renewed period, with the specific case of Lacuna.

Organised by Mise en Abyme – International Journal of Comparative Literature and Arts, in partnership with IDEA, and Ad Est del Mondo, and it is part of the official national programme of "Il Maggio dei Libri".

The conversation will be streamed and published at /


The Guest



Sarah-Jane Mason

Sarah-Jane (she/her) is a specialist in mixed media approaches to creating and learning with the foundations of her practice rooted in painting, drawing and sculpture. She is passionate about the importance of creativity for everyone and as such places an equal importance on both her roles as a Creative Educator and a practicing Artist. Currently Sarah-Jane splits her time between the UK and Lanzarote. In the UK she works as an Artist Educator for spaces such as Leeds Art Gallery, The Tetley and Yorkshire Sculpture Park and also for Arts charities such as Skippko. She is also involved in carnival arts in the UK through the fiercely inspiring AnonyMas troupe and The AAA Team, both based in Leeds.

In 2021, Sarah-Jane was awarded an Arts Council England grant called 'Develop Your Creative Practice.' Through this funding Sarah-Jane is developing her collaborative practice through investigating ways of working with other creatives over distance - something that the pandemic made an essential skill! You can see more of Sarah-Jane's current artistic practice on her Instagram page @SarahJaneMasonArtist

In Lanzarote, she is working with Land Artist and Jewellery Maker Simon Turner to set up a hub for creative practices and international cultural exchange. The hub, called The Lacuna Studios, has been inspired by the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba and aims to provide a creative space for all free of restrictions, commitments and hierarchies.

In 2019 Sarah-Jane and Simon launched an annual arts festival event based around a contemporary, international art exhibition formed from an open call for Creatives (of all genres) from around the world. The festival has continued throughout the pandemic and continues to grow with an active online community of Creatives, participation projects, workshops, talks and events.

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